In the context of BDK, Partners truly refer to three critical stakeholders:
CGE Risk Management Solutions – our strategic partner in developing the BDK.
QHSE Professionals in large organizations who facilitate the BDK across multiple projects.
Independendent consultants using the BDK to support their own clients around the world.

This page is for all three of you.



The BDK is developed in close collaboration with CGE Risk Management Solutions, the premiere company for barrier-based risk solutions. In fact, the BDK is featured as the launching blog post in their 2020 fall campaign on creating rich and engaging cultures around risk management. With the support of CGE Risk’s international network of certified partners, the demands of specific markets and industries will be answered world wide.

World Wide Application

Better dialogue and richer organizational engagement are needed now more than ever before. As industries are dealing with the Corona pandemic, or in the process of opening up, the teams are facing risk scenarios never encountered before. The industries mentioned below have all been part of the early engagements that have led to the generic and fully customizable format of the BDK today.

Keeping the lines safe as employees work closely together


Opening airports and making them effective for business travellers


Getting crews safely to remote areas and perhaps confined spaces


Satisfying dynamic deadlines in ever more complex projects


Let’s Work Together

The BDK is a platform that only grows stronger by broader use.

BlueBehavior and Lisbeth Holberg have deployed programs all across the globe, and we welcome partnerships at almost any level – from turnkey to co-facilitation and scaling based on blended/remote train-the-trainer engagement. Certain restrictions apply – like prior bowtie experience and fluent English.

A few more details?

For existing partners getting ready to facilitate the BDK – or those just considering what is in the box, or perhaps how the dialogue is structured – consider investing some 18 minutes in the unboxing video and process guide found here.

The video introduces both the concepts and the complete flow from piecing the bord together, to identification of topics, and summarizing experiments.

As an overview of the full process, all the BDK’s essential building blocks are introduced: board, tokens, cubes, and voting dice, as well as the essential action sheets and the optional inspiration cards.

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