Smarter Together

To be successful with your barrier-based risk approach – and your bowtie thinking – is to care for people and save lives.

A successful bowtie implementation is more than just a good project delivery. It means that everybody looks at risks differently, and with far more nuance than just asking, “what could possibly go wrong?” It means going beyond the technicalities and beyond the usual loud voices. It means that everyone in the organization takes part.

In consequence, the quality of your risk management is equal to the quality of your dialogues.


Meet the BDK

The Bowtie Dialogue Kit is designed specifically for you to add meaning and engagement to your continued dialogues about your barrier based approach to risk management. Simply put, the BDK offers a structured and repeated shortcut to better a dialogue.

The essentials are summarized on the right and in the one-pager you may download here. Have a look, and share the potential with your peers. Book a meeting or join a webinar if you have questions or wish to experience the potential in a real-life online session.

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