Fine Kit – and You!

The BDK offers a complete process for identifying and discussing not only the present moment’s greatest risks, but also the shared readiness to adress these risks. The full process, flow or “game play” is covered in the full unboxing video at the bottom of the Partners-page.

However, the most important piece of content is YOU! You and your fellow stakeholders who have decided to sit down and take a complete 360 view on your current project. The BDK will support you to get aquainted and place your focus on the project’s sore points. And you will have to engage with outmost candor as you simultaneously reveal how confident you are of your shared capability to address the chosen topic of concern.

Focused Conversations

The BDK, the Bowtie Dialogue Kit, offers a simple and efficient way of allowing all voices to be heard as you focus on the most important risk here and now!

When you assemble the board and place your tokens, everybody around the table not only understands but applies bowtie thinking to the areas most in need of a good dialogue … before anything happens.

Together you discover and record the specific actions you wish to experiment with until next time you use the BDK to get a helicopter view of your project.

Opening the Case

Take a few moments to look in to the case and discover the essential building blocks of the BDK.

With the pieces in place, you’ll be introduced to a few of the key concepts that make the BDK a unique vehicle of increased insight and understanding. 

The brief clip here is actually edited from the full 18 minute unboxing video avalable to all leaders and facilitators who are about to use the BDK for the first time. Jump to the bottom of the Partners page for the full story.

Longer clip…

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